Choosing A Chainsaw

I've been working with WoodlandsTV to produce a basic guide to choosing a chainsaw, aimed at small woodland owners... and it's available online (for free!). We're also planning to shoot some more video in the near future, we just need to decide when!

The video takes a very quick look at a mix of Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws, and I must thank Winchester Garden Machinery for the loan of these saws for the filming. If you're reading these pages you may well find the video a little too basic, but as mentioned above, if you've just taken on a small woodland and want to purchase a saw then check it out, it might just give you an appreciation of what to look for - of course, you can always contact me through the comments for any further advice (if I can help I will!).

New Gear...

After such a long layoff, there's more than a few things that have happened! Firstly, the year didn't start too well, as there have been a spate of equipment thefts targetted at forestry and arboriculture companies... and that included us. In all, over thirty chainsaws were stolen, as well as other equipment, and compared to some, we got off lightly! Not good.

The replacement saws suffered a fault, and so 18 chainsaws went back to the manufacturer to be fixed. Still, after that it did get better!

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Makita took the DCS5001, DCS4301 chainsaws away after the long term loan came to an end. Fortunately, they did leave me another two chainsaws and a couple of brushcutters, so we'll be taking a look at these new saws.

I'm also working on writing a book about maintaining and operating brushcutters, and I'm off out in a moment to get some more images for the book.

So, we'll back to putting a few posts up in the near future and to report on some subtle changes in the CS30 NPTC assessment.