Just how widespread is this site..?

I thought I'd just check to see how widespread the site has become; where are people viewing this site situated? I can tell you that I was completely blown away! Find out more after the jump...
Apart from the two most popular countries, the US in first place, closely followed by the UK, there's also some readers from all around the world. Japan, New Zealand or Mexico anyone. What about the Phillipines, Chile, Malta or the United Arab Emirates? These are all countries where people have checked out DriveLink from. In fact, in the last month, there have been readers from 51 seperate countries!
So, I'd just like to say "Hi" and "Thank you!" to everyone who visits this site. There'll be more posts very soon... covering some of the common problems that I come across when teaching others to use chainsaws safely.

CS30 Risk Assessment

I've noticed that lately, students seem to having difficulty recalling the information regarding risk assessments - so I've created a podcast to try and help out. Find out more after the jump...
And here it is! Click on the podcast player to listen to the podcast; I hope it helps you remember the relevant information for your CS30 assessment.