Crossword Competition

Fancy winning an Oregon Timber Vice? Well, now you have the chance with DriveLink. Find out more after the jump...

This is your chance to win an Oregon timber vice - real useful out in the woods for getting a more accurately sharpened chain whilst out in the woods (or anywhere where you can find a chuck of wood to stick the prongs in!).

It's new, boxed and waiting for a winner of this competition. So, how do you enter? Download and print off the crossword puzzle shown in the image above (it's A4 sized in real life, when printed).

Complete the crossword puzzle - it's all related to the CS30 NPTC schedule, so if you're not too sure of an answer you should be able to go looking for it.

Print the puzzle off and complete it. Send your copy to me by the start of May (01/05/2010) and I'll choose a winner. Make sure to include your name and address, or at the very least your name and email address so I can contact you if you are the winner!

I can also assure you that I won't be selling your details off to anyone, but I might contact you if there are any exciting developments in the world of DriveLink (however unlikely that is!).

If you are a chainsaw trainer and would like to use the crossword with your students, then please feel free to download, copy and use at will.

Terms & Conditions: there is just the one prize and no cash alternative! The competition entries must be in by the 1st May 2010. This is a UK only competition.

I should also mention that many of you know that I work for Sparsholt College - this competition has nothing to do with the College! Despite that, competition entries should be sent to:

David Vickers
c/o Sparsholt College
Forestry & Arboriculture
SO21 2NF

How Time Flies...

I can't believe it's been so long since my last update - so much has been going on! Find out more after the jump...

The new NPTC assessment schedules are in full force now, and I've personally been busy delivering the new CS30 (chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting), CS31 (small fell) and CS38 (climbing and aerial rescue) courses.

There's not too much difference with the CS30, or the CS31 for that matter, but the CS30 does now include a bit more information on problems with chain components (look out for an post on that soon), and bore cuts (I'm thinking that a video would be good for that?).

The CS31 now includes a little bit more on winching, but the big change is with the CS38 as that now includes spiking up a pole and carrying out pole rescues (and that means both 2-man and 3-man (belay) rescues).

So, I haven't forgotten about you - I've just been really busy, but I still have some plans to write a few more articles and might just also include some small fell material too...