New Video... At Last!

How long has it been since I last posted? I don't even want to think about it! However, all that waiting hasn't been for nothing... I've just finished shooting and editing a new video for the forestry and arboriculture team at Sparsholt College. Find out more after the jump...
Firstly, a huge thanks go to Neil (you know who are) for letting us dismantle and fell one of the Beech trees on the estate. Thanks to Rich for sorting out the equipment and acting as Phil's groundsman - and thanks to Phil for getting up the tree to do the arb-y stuff (we had trouble trying to slow him down enough to get the shots we needed!). Final thanks to James for doing the forestry stuff - nice one!
Anyway, here's the results... a 3-minute video called "Arborestry"- put it full screen too!

Arborestry from D Vickers on Vimeo.