Looking at the statistics for this site, it's clear that many people are looking to find out about sharpening the chain on their chainsaw. So, to cater for that need, I've brought together all the articles that relate to chain sharpening, and put them in one easy-to-find place... right here!

COMING SOON: continuing with the theme of sharpening chains, I'm currently writing a series about how to decipher Stihl model numbers and identifying Stihl chains to help you obtain the relevant filing information.

Dealing With Stihl Chains: Part 1
[VIDEO(HD)] Sharpening the chain
Understanding Oregon Filing Tables
Understanding Chain Identification
Working Edges: Part Two
Working Edges: Part One

Cutter Lengths
Left Hook
Poor Cutting Performance
The Nuts & Bolts Of Measuring
Name Your Chain
Chain Sharpening: Part 3
Chain Sharpening: Part 2
Chain Sharpening: Part 1
Pitch & Gauge
Chain Components

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