Safety Manual...

Your safety is paramount here at DriveLink HQ, and if you've bought a chainsaw (or borrowed one from a mate), read on...

So, you've just borrowed a mate's 25 year old chainsaw, you've got your shorts and T-shirt on and you're about to drop start the saw - but hold on just one moment.

Your friend did give you the safety manual with that saw didn't they? No? Well, you're in luck because Stihl make available their chainsaw safety manual and it's worth a flick through.

Most people that work in the industry know someone that's been got by a chainsaw and, as a trainer, I'm really aware that inexperienced users are at a greater risk... or are they>

The problem with being an experienced chainsaw operator is that you get complacent, work too fast, start to cut corners.

So whether you are a newbie to a chainsaw, or worked with saws over a number of years, take a few moments to go back over some of the safety aspects of using that wand of doom.

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