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What's a Sawpod I hear you ask? It's a great way of carrying around your pruning saw (for those occasions when you don't need a chainsaw), it's light, easy to use and it works! Find out more after the jump...

If you tend to use a small pruning saw for tending to your trees, hedges or orchards then you really should take a look at the Sawpod.

I've been using one for about a year and when tree-climbing it's a neat solution and means that the saw is always ready to use. But it's better than just a cool place to store a saw, as one of the problems when climbing is that to hang your saw off of your harness with a karabiner means that the scabbard is always moving around.

And that's a problem because when you've got one hand on the saw, one hand holding on for dear life steadying yourself, you then need a third hand to hold the scabbard so that you can put the saw away. With the Sawpod it ceases to be an issue - you just reach down to your lower leg and slide the pruning saw away.

It fits on really easy, using Velcro fastening means that it will fit everyone and is fully adjustable. It's also designed to fit most pruning saws, for example I use my Sawpod with a Silky saw, but it readily fits other saws that have a scabbard too.

The only issue I found with it was that my ropes sometimes hooked around the handle of my saw, but that's a very minor gripe and probably more to do with my climbing technique than any design flaw!

If you need a method of holding a pruning saw, whether it's on terra-firma (more firmer, less terror) or up in the air, the Sawpod is well worth a closer look.

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