Name Your Chain...

Until now, I've tried to keep it as unconfusing as I can - but I'll forgive you if you lose it a bit on this one. It's not(?) hard, it's just that each manufacturer has it's own terminology and that leads to confusion.

So, let's take a look, after the jump, at what all these odd terms that we find on the filing tables mean...

Whilst we were looking at the Oregon filing table did you notice that they didn't refer to the cutter profiles using the same names as we used earlier? No? Look again.

Let's take a look at the list below to see our naming convention, along with Oregon's (in red) and Stihl's (in green):

  • Chisel: Round Ground Chisel: Super

  • Semi-chisel: Micro Chisel: Micro

  • Chipper: Chipper: Standard

Stihl also refer to their cutters as normal height and low profile, for which they use the terms "Rapid" and "Micro" respectively.

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