Introducing The Activities

The main bulk of the assessment schedule is broken down in to a whole heap of assessment activities and their relevant criteria; against which you will be assessed. Find out more after the jump...

There are 18 activities for part 1 of the assessment and a further 17 for part 2. Sounds kinda daunting put like that, but in reality, due to the split of practical tasks and questions, it's not that bad.

There's no writing involved in the assessment, so there's no need to worry if your writing looks like a drunk spider crawling over a page, or your spolling is bid spelling is bad. It's just not an issue.

The remaining audio sections, as we work through this series, just list the assessment activities and criteria as they appear in the schedule itself. I've made a separate audio recording for each activity so that you can just refer back to the one or two where you might be weaker - rather than sit through the entire lot.

If all goes according to plan, when it's all over, I'll try making the whole lot easily accessible from the front page of this site. And so, to get the ball rolling:


Laura Ashfield, Warwickshire said...

I have just taken my chainsaw assessment in Warwickshire and passed. I found the podcasts and videos extremely useful when revising for the maintenance bits. It would be great if you could add some on for the actual felling and update the posts so they are inline with the current assessment schedule (they aren't far off) but mainly THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

David Vickers said...

Thanks for the comment Laura... and well done! Congratulations on passing the assessment.

I do have some plans to improve the site by including CS31 information - I did the split felling video some time ago. I do need to update to the latest schedule and include some information about vertical and horizontal bore cuts... but I don't have time at the moment!

Anyway, all the best and be safe :0)