CS30 Assessment Schedule: 'Small Print'

As well as listing what you are expected to achieve in the assessment, there's also the obligatory small print, and you might just be interested in one particular snippet. Find out more after the jump...

The five recordings below cover the general introduction to the schedule, safe practices, the complaints and appeal process, objectives (learning outcomes) and assessment / site requirements. The bit you may be really interested in appears in the safe practice bit - but more of that when we come to it..

Introduction to the assessment schedule:

The safe practice section from the assessment schedule lists what might be an important point, and one that might just put your mind at rest for the assessment... item 13 tells you that you can refer to the chainsaw operators manual and/or appropriate training publications.

If, for some reason, you are not happy with the assessment, NPTC do have a formal procedure for dealing with complaints and appeals. This information is shown in the schedule; or you can listen to it here...

The learning outcomes, or objectives, of the assessment (and therefore also of any training you receive to help you achieve success in your CS30 assessment) are listed in this next recording.

Finally, the assessment and site requirements are also listed in the 'small' print of the schedule, before we get to the real nitty-gritty of the assessment activities and criteria.

In the next post we'll start our journey through these assessment activities and criteria, taking a quick look at each one as we go.

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