CS30 Assessment Schedule: Welcome!

So here's the deal - I recently had a student that was unable to read the assessment schedule before their CS30 assessment. I felt very aware that this student was at a disadvantage to the others on the course, as it meant that any revision was going to be very difficult. I mulled over a solution in my head and then asked the student whether they thought an audio version of the assessment schedule would be useful; find out more after the jump...

Well, the general feeling was that it might be useful and so I've created a whole series of audio (MP3) podcasts that cover the entire NPTC CS30 assessment schedule.

Now, I realise that this may not be the most exciting broadcast you've ever listened to, but if it helps a couple of people then I'll be happy! I'll be adding more to this post, but initially I just want to make sure everything is all setup correctly.


Unknown said...

How does the audio work..is there still a link on this Blog

Would be usefull to listen to on the way to sparsholt

David Vickers said...

You can get the audio (MP3) to download by going to http://drivelink.podbean.com and then selecting the audio item(s) that you want to listen to. Cheers, David.