Understanding Chain Ident.

Over the last few chainsaw maintenance courses that I've run, it's become obvious that there is some confusion over how to identify a chain. So, if this is something that you're not entirely sure about, here's your chance to get it nailed. Read on for more information...

Perhaps the easiest way to find out how to identify the chain correctly is to have a look at the following table. We'll just stick to Oregon, Stihl and Husqvarna...

No. on drive linkID #. Look up in filing table.Chain gauge. Ignore for now.ID #. Look up in filing table.
No. on depth gauge.Depth gauge setting in thousandths of an inch.Chain pitch. Look up in filing table.N/A

For Oregon and Stihl chains you'll also need to compare the cutter profile with that described in the filing table - that way you'll ensure you are looking at the relevant chain information.

Take a look at this previous post if you need to convert between Stihl's terminology for cutter profiles and others... Name Your Chain

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