Starting The Chainsaw.

With the knowledge that the final touches are being put on the new instructional video, I figured we should have a quick look at a couple of pointers to consider when starting your chainsaw. Find out more after the jump...

Whether you're looking to carry out a cold, or warm, start of your chainsaw, it's a good idea to check around you first. In particular...

  • Check the chain brake is ON. You really don't want to be starting the saw with the brake off and the chain potentially flying around. Keep in all under control and keep it safe - put the brake on.

  • Think about those around you... yep, it's not all about you, you know! Try to maintain a safe working distance of 5 metres when starting the saw, so that no-one is within this 'danger' zone.

  • Don't start the saw next to your fuel - particularly easy to fall in to this trap when you've just filled up the saw. Move away from the saw bearing in mind that 5 metre safe working zone.

  • If you are starting the saw on the ground, try to use level ground that's not covered in mud, brash and so on. Bear in mind that if you are carrying out a cold start you'll be doing some safety checks on the ground too - and that means the chain will be spinning; make sure it's not going to catch anything.

So, whether you're doing a cold start, a warm start, standing start or kneeling on the ground, just be bit careful and check out the site and those who might be around you.

In the next post, I'm hoping to bring you the new video and then we'll probably pick up on a few things from it.


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