Here's The New Video...

So here it is - the new video. Shot on a cold, but sunny morning at Sparsholt College, Hampshire (UK). This six and a half minute video covers the basics of how to start your chainsaw safely and is really aimed at those about to take their CS30 assessment. Find out more after the jump...

In the past I've found that breaking the starting procedure down in to steps, to make it easier, actually makes it more confusing! This video is really aimed to be used as a quick bit of revision if you are about to undertake your CS30 (chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting) assessment.

It covers cold and warm starting, ground starts and standing starts as well as the safety checks and the action to take if these checks reveal something is wrong.

I hope you find it useful and over the next few posts we'll be taking a look at some of the points raised in the video.

PS: No instructors were hurt in the making of this video! When you see the kickback bit, you'll know what I mean.

PPS: If you're an instructor and would like a better quality copy of this, then drop me a line via the comments and I'll send you out a copy on CD (it'll be in AVI format, MOV also available but I'm having trouble with the sound right at the start of the video in this format). You can also drop me a private message via the ArbTalk forum - see right hand side of the page.


Mike Blackberg, USA said...

Thank You, David for a great series. The kickback demonstration scared the heck out of me, despite having previously read that nobody was going to be hurt.

karen32908 said...

Hi David,

Do you still offer the free chainsaw demostration video? Also do you have anything on weedeater, polesaw or anything of the liking?

David Vickers said...

Hi Karen,

I can send you a CD or DVD, and I'll create for free if it's being posted in the UK; otherwise I'll have to charge for postage & packing. If you are still interested, email me your address (

Thank you,