Makita DCS4301 Review: Conclusion.

So we've had a look around the saw and had a closer look at a few items on it; now it's time to draw some conclusion from using it. Find out more after the jump...

The Makita DCS4301 chainsaw is aimed at the home- or farm-user, and at this level I have to say it's perfect. Well, nearly perfect. It's lightweight, has some well thought out features (like the filler caps and easy start system) that will make ownership of the saw that little bit nicer.

There's a couple of minor things that could be improved and the main one is that chain catcher. Having a seperate catcher that is replacable without having to purchase a new side plate cover would be nice - although I'm wondering if the chain did come off whether it would wipe out the side plate housing anyway? Not something I wanted to try! The other thing was the refitting of the starter pulley, but I'm open to the suggestion that was just me!

The chain tension on this saw was just the standard 'loosen the bolts and tweak the adjuster screw'- rather than any quick-adjust system (although I believe that the saw can be bought with this option on it.

Access to all the bits that you need to get to regularly - air filter and spark plug, was simple and removal / refitting the air filter was quick and easy.

Overall then, I reckon for the target market this saw is an excellent buy - lightweight, powerful and easy to maintain. My thanks go to Makita for the loan of the DCS4301 chainsaw. Later on, we'll look at the professional DCS5001 chainsaw and see how it compares to others in this league.

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