Makita DCS4301 Review: Catch It If You Can.

Chain catchers. Vitally important in improving the safety of your chainsaw should something unexpected happen to the chain whilst you're using it. Different manufacturers do not create their chain catchers equally - even among their own offerings. So let's find out how Makita score on the DCS4301 after the jump...

Chain catchers are extremely simple devices and designed to take the energy out of the chain should it snap or derail. They are, in essence, consumable items and need to be easy to replace should something happen. Many of the home-user / farm-user level of saws have the chain catcher moulded in to the side plate, and this saw is no different. Of course, what it means is that should your chain demolish the chain catcher, you'll need to replace the complete side plate, rather than just the catcher itself.

The worst saw in this respect is my Husqvarna 350 - the chain catcher is actually moulded in to the main body of the saw! Not great.

Once you move in to the professional range of saws, things change - but at this level it's not unusual for the catcher to be integral with the side plate. Of course, you can help minimise the risks of something untoward happening to your saw by ensuring the tension is kept correct and ensuring the chain is being lubricated.

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