Underpinning knowledge for the small fell assessment

If you are undertaking your Level 2 Award in Felling and Processing Trees Up To 380mm, then you'll know that as well as demonstrating that you can fell and deal with trees safely, you will have to answer some questions designed to check your underpinning knowledge.

The activities that you have to complete are all in the qualification guidance, which is available from the NPTC website - but over the years that I've been teaching the chainsaw units, I've had a number of course attendees tell me that they can't read, have dyslexia, or some other reason that they find taking in information by reading it, rather difficult.

In the past, I have resorted to making audio CD's and I've been told that they have been found quite useful. So now, I've created a completely free, and freely available, audio program that deals with the underpinning knowledge for the 'small fell' assessment.

I hope you find it useful!

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