Up & Coming

Just to let let you know that I've started shooting a new video, about chain sharpening. Why chain sharpening? Because it's still the thing that I see poorly executed time and again - incorrect sharpening angles, rounded cutters, damaged cutting edges, different cutter lengths, and so on. Many students also find it hard to get to grips with filing tables - something that I have tackled before in these pages - and I want to help those that do have troubles getting sharpening sorted. Find out more after the jump...

I know many people will take their chains to the garden machinery centre and have them professionally sharpened, and yet others just don't bother to sharpen them at all. There is still a place for getting back to basics and using a file though, especially when you're out in the woods and the chain gets dulled... and quick sharpen and you're off cutting efficiently again.

The two images that are on this page are frame grabs taken from the video that I've just started - and I want to go through the whole process of identifying the chain, filing tables and sharpening. In this video we'll be using Oregon chain, but if it proves popular perhaps I could make one dealing with Stihl... who just do it differently!

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