Congratulations Go To...

I'd just like to congratulate the latest students that passed various NPTC assessments this month. Speaking of which, where on earth has this month gone?

And so, a "Well done" goes to...

...the following individuals for passing chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting / chippers / small fell & MEWP assessments.

  1. CS30 Chainsaw Maintenance:

    • Kevin D. (how much use of a chainsaw can you get on an oil-rig?)

    • Andy L.

    • Jo J.

    • Sara B.

    • Rich S.

    • Ryan T. - best wishes with the new venture

    • Andy W.

  2. CS31 Small Fell:

    • Kevin D.

    • Samantha D.

    • Dom C. - with that much metal in his back; the man who must surely set off airport security scanners whenever he goes on holiday.

    • Ian A.

  3. Brushwood Chippers

    • Adam

    • Kenny

    • Dean

    • Colin

    • Ron

    • Neal

  4. MEWPs:

    • Rich B.

    • Michael S.

    • Jason S.

Well done, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Anonymous said...

hmm starting a business in a recession... not a problem, ill be a millionair before the year is over.