CS30.1.12: Check And Clean Power Unit

The next section of the assessment is a quick clean and check over of the main power unit. Cleaning the saw will help with maintenance anyway and so it's a good idea to give it a quick once over with a brush or (even better) an airline to get rid of that sawdust / chain oil mix. Find out more after the jump...

Whilst your cleaning every nook and cranny of the chainsaw engine housing with a toothbrush (please don't use your usual toothbrush for this - I'd recommend you keep one by specially for this purpose), take the opportunity to ensure that the engine covers are in one piece, that any missing nuts / bolts are noted and then replaced. Chainsaws have a fairly hard life, and you may well be relying on yours for your income so it pays to look after it. Follow the audio link below to hear what the assessment schedule has to say about it.

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