Back from holiday!

Well it's back to work after a couple of weeks holiday, and straight back in to running a couple of chainsaw maintenance (CS30) courses. It's always great to meet new faces on these courses and watch beginners tackle chainsaw sharpening, or listen to the more experienced users views on how they have carried out certain tasks. This got me thinking if there was a way to bring the questions, answers and information to a wider audience. There is, it's obvious and you can find out more after the jump...

Naturally, I get asked many of the same questions on the various courses and quite often also get those 'off-the-wall' questions, that often start with "This may sound stupid, but...". Well as we all know, there's [generally] no such thing as a stupid question - if you need an answer then you've got to ask the question!

So, I thought that as I'm about to start another year of chainsaw maintenance, felling and climbing courses that I would put some of these questions up here - along with answers, or put the question out to you lot to answer. This way, if you've got a 'stupid question' you won't have to ask it as someone else will have hopefully asked it already!

So, when it comes to questions about chainsaws, just remember not to hold the pointy end.

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