Carb 101: Fuelled Up & Ready To Go.

The carburettor is kinda crucial to the well-being of our chainsaws, so I figured it might be interesting to write up a new series looking at this vital element of the chainsaw. Find out more after the jump...

The carburettor mixes the air drawn in through the air filter, with the fuel being pumped in to it, but it's crucial that just the right amount of air is mixed with the fuel. There's three common adjustments made - the Hi setting, the Lo setting and the idle speed, so in due course we'll take a look at those as well as some problems that had to be overcome with designing the carburettor.

For example, years ago when the big Danarm saws ruled the roost, the engine had to be kept upright - but nowadays we can use chainsaws at any angle; so what changed? There are also problems to be overcome at tickover speeds too, so we'll look at that as well.

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