Replacing Stihl's Drive Sprocket

I thought I should even up the scores a bit - after doing a short video on taking out a Husqvarna drive sprocket, I thought I should create one for Stihl saws (although due to my own ineptitude you'll see the Husqvarna video in the next post). Watch the video after the jump...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, removal of the drive sprocket from a Stihl ground saw (or indeed most ground saws with an inboard clutch), is particularly easy; and that makes for easier maintenance. So the following video, based on a Stihl MS260, should be relevant for most saws having the same clutch setup. It's about 3mins 30sec long and represents my most advanced video to date! (Although the YouTube quality leaves a little to be desired - I just wish I could show the full MPEG-2 video CD.

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